Friday, June 13, 2008

star search

I love vintage astronomy maps. It’s cool and weird to be looking at an old map of stars and think about how the sky itself is sort of an old map of the stars—in the sense that many of them have actually died years and years ago, but they are so far away we are still seeing them shine. Mind bending. Anyway, I saw one very much like the all black one above in an interior done by Thomas O'Brien and fell in love with the idea of these star maps as wall art. It was large, on a white wall and looked gorgeous. The one on top is a page from an astronomy book I found on ebay, where each page shows the night sky as it changes from month to month. I’m planning on framing several and hanging them as a series.


dm said...

I love these maps too - in fact, your whole blog is a work of art.You really have a gift! What an inspiration here!

Jacqueline said...

love this idea...and your blog!