Thursday, June 12, 2008

Decorating Made Easy (!)

Better Homes and Gardens “Decorating Book”, circa 1961 (cover, below). Aside from entirely sage decorating wisdom this little gem has pages and pages of sweet illustrations. While the Decorating Book is a little harder to find, the very cool Handyman Book from Better Homes (1966 edition) is available on Amazon right here.


MJ said...

What fun! Thank goodness you are showing 1960 materials so that I don't have an urge to try to locate it as a potential resource for my reno!

I enjoyed reading about the oilcloth as well. Very informative!

Kelly said...

I love these books I have several. The ones on parenting are a scream!

great blog! I found you through my oilcloth google alert, I make all kinds of things out of oilcloth. I am very glad to see people talking about the product. It is my favorite fabric!

Michelle said...

I have been collecting vintage cookbooks from Better Homes and Gardens... and recently just found a book like this. I love your blog... great stuff.