Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope, Change, Progress

It’s truly amazing to see how this incredible man has mobilized and motivated a nation. A nation that heretofore has been sort of apathetic about involvement in politics. Even down to a design level the political landscape has transformed: artists and designers have been invited by the Obama Campaign to participate in Artists for Obama and design posters for an arena that is typically littered with crappy banners and bumper stickers that all look the same with their bad type, tired stars and sad stripes. Contributors include Shepard Fairey, The Mac and Scott Hansen...along with other designers independently putting their stuff out there (like Deroy Peraza) Their posters are above, respectively. Hope, Change and Progress is right.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hidden Pretties

“Hidden Pretties” (unexpected and pretty details not apparent until closer inspection... examples: a beautiful lining in a jacket, or striking orange insoles in a pair of shoes) is a term my friend Kelly adapted from “Hidden Uglies” (unexpected hideous details found on something ordered online or from a catalog that wasn’t apparent in the photo).

Well, after years of discounting dozens of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books on my grandparents’ bookshelves based upon their spines I discovered they had some beautiful hidden pretties of their own:

Valérie Belin

In the May issue of Metropolitan Home I saw a photo of an interior with a piece by artist Valérie Belin. It was a huge (I’m guessing 5 x 6 foot) framed print of the piece above and it was hanging in a dining room behind a long table. It was so stunning I had to look her up. She’s done a series of photos of mannequins that have a 1960’s senior portrait quality to them that’s really odd and wonderful when on a large scale.

White Elephant

I’ve seen a post here and there about this little Etsy shop called White Elephant run by best friends Jane LaBatte and Holly Pocsai (who also have a blog) and I just couldn't help but posting about it too after checking it out. It’s a shop of sweet little vintage finds that’s expertly curated. The signature photo styling is awesome too. Placing each piece in front of the white frame is so lovely!