Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Millinery Magic & Rodney Smith

I can’t quite pinpoint why it is that I’m drawn to beautiful, slightly old-world fashion photography that involves crazy hats, but I am. So I can’t help but be a major fan of photographer Rodney Smith who has a stunning body of work dedicated to exactly that. Maybe it’s because the hats make the subject seem so wonderfully mysterious. Or maybe I was a milliner in a past life.


Aline said...

HI Anne:
Mimi just sent me your fabulous blog, which I just sent to a bunch of friends--Rodney Smith has been one of my favorite photographers for years--
I read once that he just carries his Leica in his pocket to photoshoots--no lights or assistants!
I will enjoy returning again and again!

Birdy B said...

I love that little morsel of information about Mr. Smith. It makes me love his work all the more.

And Mimi sent me YOUR link. I love your work too. I'm definitely going to be doing a post! ——And thank you for passing along this link. This blog started as a small personal "addiction" but I love that I end up hearing from like-minded people all across the country (and globe). So cool. Take care Aline!

Aline said...

Thanks Anne:
I sent your blog to about 10 friends across the country and everyone is now addicted. So wierd that we are all gravitating to the same things. My friend Franny turned me on to those Keep Calm posters about a year ago and have one in my office. Small, but big, world. You have an amazing eye!