Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Memories of Dreams: Aline Smithson

The wonderfully talented photographer Mimi Haddon has introduced me to the work of yet another amazing talent: Aline Smithson. Aline uses a vintage Rolleiflex to capture images that are alternately wistful, witty, mysterious and fascinatingly creepy—but always artful and beautifully composed. They all feel like memories of dreams, if that makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the magnificent work of my treasured and most talented friend, Aline Smithson.
It's not surprising that you would appreciate her extraordinary eye!
And you should know that Aline is the one who introduced me to your gorgeous blog, which I just adore. Best, Franny

Anonymous said...

Here's how this works.....
Franny introduces me to her dear friend, Aline, who in turn becomes a friend of mine, and who introduces us to your beautiful and inspiring blogsite where Aline's work gets posted, thanks to dear Mimi (whom I have not met), who you know.
I would love to have all these women in a room together. I really, really would.
Thanks for your lovely, lovely blog!

Aline said...

Gee thanks, Ann, for putting these images on the site...I feel so privledged to be hanging around with Rodney Smith and Mimi!
All the best,

melisa said...

we have to spread the word about aline's work - spread it around the world fast.

Birdy B said...

Aline, I'm more than happy to post gorgeous work like yours and Mimi's. And everyone, thank you for your comments.

Franny, I agree, it would be fabulous to gather all of these talented, talented women in one room and share thoughts and ideas (and a bottle or two of wine)!