Thursday, July 26, 2007

Betsy Dunlap

O.K. I’m suffering from some serious handwriting envy thanks to a recent post on Design Sponge. Betsy Dunlap, amazing handletterer and calligrapher, does work that is almost lyrical. Or musical. Or magical...I can only imagine how many brides proposition her to address their wedding invitations. I have to admit it would be something to get a piece of mail that looked like this. Check out her work — it won’t disappoint.


Paquito said...

You're more than right: I see the images and, don't know why, want to start writing and doing nice calligraphic things :-)

Nice post and quite interesting blog: congrats! :-)

Kind regards from Spain,


Birdy B said...

Thank you. It's so cool to hear from people all over the world. BTW, my husband went to your country (specifically to Barcelona and Mallorca)for our honeymoon and loved it. Spain is gorgeous!