Saturday, June 23, 2007


As corny as it sounds there’s just something about a little patterned light splashed around a room that always seems a bit magical to me. So of course when I saw this pendant light from Materialise.MGX and this little beauty called “Moonstruck” at Feinedinge, I immediately got wistful and wondered how possible it might be to talk my thus-far very tolerant husband into yet another girly, pattern-casting light fixture....(Sigh).


kathj said...

would love one of these lights, i designed something similar a few years ago, it broke in the kilin. :( love your blog going to add it to blogs I like to read on my blog!

Birdy B said...

You must have been heart broken. Sorry to hear it. Well now you can buy one, right? Glad you like the blog. I just discovered blogging and am loving it!