Saturday, June 23, 2007

Obligatory Wearstler Shrine

O.K. I’m totally aware that Kelly Wearstler has legions of admirers and dedicating a post to her (amazing, I must say) work is nothing noteworthy or new, but this blog will hardly seem up to snuff if I don’t at least acknowledge how much I love (we’re talking head-over-heels) her style. It’s like a David Hicks and Dorothy Draper smoothie with a dash of the Billys (Baldwin and Haines) sprinkled on top. Ever since I stumbled across the Viceroy Santa Monica several years back I’ve followed her work with bated breath. Her books, Modern Glamour and Domicilium Decoratus, are cornerstones of my library and I highly recommend both to anyone who’ll listen to me go on and on about the divine Ms. W.


fashion jewels said...

i am a kindred spirit. i have had both her books on my coffee table forever! her work inspires my own.

would love to design a line of fashion jewelry for her!

Birdy B said...

Thank you for your comment. I would love to see a "Wearstler-Inspired" line of jewelry! I’m sure it would be breathtaking: equal parts bold, tasteful and stunning.