Saturday, August 09, 2008

Holy Crap

First off, I have to admit (sadly) I’m not someone who typically gets excited about the Olympic games. I’m not a huge sports enthusiast, and I don’t go crazy over fanfare. Parades, fireworks and athletic victories don’t do a whole lot to move me, even when they happen all at one event (especially when the host of said event has a nasty history of bullying sweet little peace-loving Tibetan monks). But I gotta say, when my husband was watching the Beijing opening ceremonies, I got sucked in and promptly blown away despite myself. It was goosebump inducing and inspiringly beautiful. I so wish there was a good video I could link to that would do it justice, but I haven't found one yet. So enjoy these images from Getty via Apparently the profoundly talented director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, The Road Home) was the creative genius behind it all. Can I just say....I looooove the Olympics!


Gabbi said...

Couldn't agree more, I loved the opening ceremonies! I'm not really a sports fan but the Olympics are always so moving...

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Anne!

I just love your blog. Brings me such joy. Also love your site. *Damn, girl - you got it goin' ON!*

p.s. The *Holy Crap* made me laugh to no end because I say that all the time. Isn't it just the bestest way ever to express astonishment/wonder/shock/awe without actually cursing? (Holy Mackerel works well, too.)

birdy b said...

Hey Franny. Holy Mackerel IS good. I'm going to remember that one...And the site is a work-in-progress still, but thank you! —Anne

Meredith said...

I really like your blog and would love to subscribe.