Thursday, February 28, 2008

Steinberg’s Wallpaper: Found!

My husband has been an admirer of the work of Saul Steinberg for years and was the one to introduce me to his distinctive style (his illustration work for the New Yorker is legend). So last year when I was staying at the SoHo Grand in New York I flipped when I saw the wallpaper in my bathroom: rows and rows of little birds drawn in the unmistakable Steinberg style. Ever since I’ve been on the look out for this wallpaper called “Aviary” and I just found it today thanks to a post at Peak of Chic. Schumacher carries it (and a bunch of other sweet patterns, like Kelly Wearstler’s very fab Imperial Trellis.)

Here are a few examples of his 3-D mixed-media pieces. You can tell ol’ Steinie had a good sense of humor.

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MJ said...

I popped by your blog as I was doing research on Steinberg's wallpaper, "Views of Paris". Am contemplating trying to find it for my 1949 influenced basement bathroom reno that we are going to be starting soon! Hope you enjoy your Steinberg wallpaper!! Am not sure whether it will be available locally or not and likely the latter!