Monday, August 13, 2007

Sew Pretty

Excuse the punny title, but they ARE pretty. It was the work of Minneapolis-based graphic designer, Laurie DeMartino, that first introduced (to me at least) the idea of using elements of vintage sewing patterns in design. I thought of her design style (which I LOVE) immediately when I found these over the weekend at a truck stop that also had an antiques store (for real). My husband and I were driving back from a friend’s wedding and making good time when we got way-laid by the cool treasures. Two hours and some change later we finally cut ourselves off. But not before I scored a few sweet finds!


Anthony Iverson said...

It is very pretty. Actually, my mom owns a small store in downtown Hudson, WI called Lavender Thymes (you would love it) and she completely wallpapered her dressing room in sewing patterns. Go check it out sometime. Beautiful blog by the way!

Birdy B said...

I love that idea. I bet it’s stunning. I grew up in River Falls, just south of Hudson. I’ll definitely stop in at Lavender Thymes on my way to my parents' next time!