Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha

I try not to love her. Really I do. But she just makes it so hard sometimes. That darn Martha Stewart has a new collection at Macy’s (she and Kmart have finally parted ways) and after looking at a few of her kitchen tools and accessories I’m having to exercise heavy restraint to keep myself from buying every single piece. “Martha” color combinations have always been fabulous, but this color palette is after my own heart. Heavily featured is robin’s egg, a longtime favorite of mine (that happens to look fabulous with just about any other color, but especially red. And warm grey. And pale celadon...) and that’s just not fair. I’m defenseless.


karen c said...

i completely agree with you about martha...i try not to like her, but she definitely does make it hard...great blog by the way!

Birdy B said...

Karen, thanks for validating me! Try as I might to resist, Martha's aesthetic has always been such an influence. Do you read Blueprint? Her newest pub? It's reallly great.