Monday, June 25, 2007

My New Favorite Thing

It’s really just a simple collage technique, but lately I’ve been experimenting with printing onto pages from vintage books. I just tape the page to a letter size piece of paper and run it through the printer as usual. The printer can get a little finicky, but for the most part it’s really forgiving and really easy. And I love the end result. Above is one of Mimi Haddon’s images (see previous post) I printed onto the pages of a book on Southern Europe from the late 19th century. The time worn pages add a gorgeous warmth and depth to her already beautiful image.


Bodhi said...

My wife is obsessed with this blog! She's even gone out to buy old books to decorate our home with this idea. But, hey, whatever makes her happy!!

Birdy B said...

bodhi, your wife is one lucky lady — having a man who puts up with her every whim all for her happiness ;)

Anonymous said...

Kayna introduced me to your blog and I must say after an hour of sitting here, when laundry is piled up, I might be addicted. After this post, with your awesome idea of vintage book printed photography, I've decided you ARE truly an artist without doubt.
Wonderful blog. Thanks for the inspiration!