Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Margaret Kilgallen

A few years back my good friend Dawn introduced me to the work of Margaret Kilgallen, and I loved her work immediately. It has a beautiful naive quality to it, with masterful use of color and funny juxtaposition. Dawn and I were fortunate enough to see her show, “In the Sweet Bye and Bye” at the Red Cat Gallery in LA back in 2005. It was a retrospective of sorts and downright captivating (Sadly, Margaret died in 2001 of breast cancer at the young age of 33). A really gorgeous book by the same title was produced for the show, and is in its second printing and available at Giant Robot. There are some nice photos from the show posted on flickr here.


moha said...

I heard that Margarets artwork is going to be featured in a new movie called Beautiful Losers, set to premiere this summer. The website is pretty cool so go and check it out!

meredith said...

I love Ms. Kilgallen's work.